About IK Memberships

IK Members With an IK membership, you introduce the services and products operated and delivered by the IK network by completing a simple form, and for that, you can earn up to 25% on paid invoices for some of the services available throughout the network. Each of these services will earn you a commission everytime the service is paid for. This level of membership is best suited for individuals wanting to generate an income without selling anything and do not actually have their own service or product to sell.

Starting up

Complete the registeration form, and you can start introducing leads to our system. After you have joined, you will have access to the information on various services and products offered. Submit individuals and/or businesses interested in the services onto the system and monitor the progress from your account, this way, you always know when you have earned from your leads.
Identify the need, enter it on the system and we do the rest so you get paid

Your leads

Everyone you meet, is a potential income generator for you. At work, at home, at play, just anywhere. Once you have identified that they have an interest in our listed services, you enter their details onto the system and we take it from there.

The Services

In your account area is a link to products and services offered by the network. There you will be able to see each service and your commission percentage indicated. This will assist you when speaking to a potential lead.

Getting paid

That is the easy part, simply tell us how you want to get paid by adding your method of payment in your account area, and at the end of each month, all your completed and paid up leads are sent via your chosen method.

Repeat Payment types

If you have introduced a lead where that service subscription attracts commission, you will be paid every time the lead pays for the service. Now this is repeat income, and just to remind you, that you do get paid for listed one off services too.
IK Entrepreneur these members enjoy the same benefits as our basic members, but they have just one difference - they can also have their own service or product added to the IK service list to be sold by the members.
IK will bring new business to our IKE members, and as an IKE, you also have access to all the services and products delivered by the network, for which you can receive up to 25% commission on invoices paid from your introductions.
Getting started First you register as an entrepreneur member using our standard registration on the site. Once registered, we will send you our standard form to complete, where you will tell us what services you are offering and your full details. Increasing your sales In order for IK to generate business for you, we will need the following from you;
  • Your type of product or service offered
  • How much you are prepared to pay IK for the business
  • Your full sales and payment process.
All this information can be entered on the form we will send to you as an IKE member. Payments All leads you place into the system will be paid on the same terms as a standard member, sales given to you as an IKE will require an invoice from you for the service once completed from which IK will deduct the agreed percentage and forward the difference to you.
IK Business The Incubatorkeys Business project was developed to created and provide opportunities where Small to medium size Businesses (SMB) including individuals can develop and participate in what we term as "economic empowerment". The project is a service which is aimed at raising people's incomes directly, as opposed to improving their health or similar, therefore anyone can join. Globally, in various regions, it has become apparent to many, that their ability to secure jobs or develop other income potentials have become very slim or restricted. We at IK have identified that there are numerous economic activities that, for some reason, remains unobtainable to some. Therefore, the project will focus mainly on the current lack of opportunities, creating avenues where individuals can improve their incomes, and benefit from areas of the market where economic growth is apparent.
One key element of the project lies in its ability to assist the members with their business aspirations, members are encouraged to develop their individual business models right along with IKs collaboration ideas. This concept can create a sustainable business network with direct pathways into mainstream economic benefits. By developing this strategy, individuals and businesses can constantly support each other, which could drive the exposure of individuals and businesses into mainstream opportunities.
Some of the key benefits of joining as a business member are;
• IKBusiness
  • a) IK will Identify members business needs (if applicable)
  • b) Can act as reseller to deliver Simifran network services to their customers.
  • c) Organise events/activities including their own with network support.
  • d) Formulate strategies to assist member development. (if applicable)
  • e) Discuss income generation ideas.
  • f) Receive the same benefits as the IKM or IKE mambers.

Members earn more!r2